There are songs that we love to dance to. There are artists that we just can’t get enough of. But every now and then, a live performance of a song will just make us stop and go……..WOW.

If you are after more of those wow moments, keep reading. Here are some live songs that I think you have to see at some time in your life:

1. Bad – U2 (Rattle and Hum, 1988)

Until I became interested in U2, I was more into solo performers. When I watched their Rattle and Hum movie and this song though, all that changed. I finally realised how powerful a band can be. You can see the sweat on Bono, and it was such a moment in music history, as was the whole Joshua Tree tour.


2. Perfect – Vanessa Amorosi (Rove Live, 2008)

I once heard someone say that Vanessa Amorosi is a ‘voice and a half’… true that is. I don’t think any other performance of hers compares to this one on Rove Live. Judge for yourself!


3. If It’s Over – Mariah Carey (MTV Unplugged, 1992) 

There is no comparison to old school Mariah. Say what you like about her now, but this performance of the song she wrote with Carole King is an absolute master class in singing. Sure, her performance of Hero is her most famous, but this is my favourite.


4. Raining on Sunday – Keith Urban (Live in Georgia, 2007)

I was lucky enough to see Keith on his ‘Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy World’ tour back in 2007 and I can tell you it was exactly like this – spine tingling from him and the crowd.


5. Someone Like You – Adele (Live at the Brit Awards, 2011)

I’ll never forget hearing this song on my car radio for the first time and it’s rare that a performance really kick-starts a career. In Adele’s case though, I think it’s true.


6. River Deep, Mountain High – Celine Dion (Divas Live, 1998)

Okay, people. Get every perception you have of Celine out of your head. Gone? Now watch this video. I guarantee you will see she is not just the serious songstress you think she is – she knows how to have some serious fun onstage and is an absolute scream!


7. Never Tear Us Apart – INXS (Live Baby Live, 1991)

As a spectacle and to show they were the biggest band in the world that year, you can’t go past this song in front of 72,000 people at Wembly. RIP Michael.


8. Runaway – The Corrs (Lansdowne Road Stadium, 1999)

In keeping with the massive crowd theme, this is probably my favourite Corrs moment – them coming home to Dublin. Top marks to the crowd again for the sing along.


9. Dear Mr. President – Pink (Wembly Stadium, 2006)

Few could forget when Pink cursed the president! What a statement and what a performance.


10. Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen (MTV Unplugged, 1992)

Seriously, how does this man do it? He’s just standing there with a guitar, but you just can’t look away or help but hang on his every word. With lyrics like these, it’s a good thing.


11. Left Outside Alone – Anastacia (Live at the Logie Awards, 2004)

How gutsy can one tiny woman get? No wonder this went No.1 the week after she performed it – no lip-syncing here, folks.


12. From This Moment On – Shania Twain (Live in Dallas, 1998)

What an inspirational woman and an inspirational song. This was sure to go off during the ‘Come On Over’ tour, and it delivered in spades (take special note of the unreal guitar solo).

And there it is. I’m sure everyone has their own favourites, but I hope these dozen songs give you the same goose bumps they gave me.