It’s the early 90s. Ripped jeans and hyper colour t-shirts are in. Grunge and Nirvana seem to have taken over the airwaves. Except, there was another wave of music taking over – the seemingly endless dance music coming out of Europe and the UK, particularly Germany.

What was going on over there in the early 90s?! It was amazing. If the “British invasion” was part of 60’s music, then “Eurodance” was a huge part of the 90s. No other decade did dance like the 90s.

So sit back and reminisce about dancing to these incredible songs (or if you are a young thing and just discovering it – enjoy!)

1. Dreamer – Livin’ Joy (Italian, 1994)

Janice Robinson’s vocal is fantastic in this song and it deservedly went No. 1 in the UK.


2. Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap! (German, 1992)

Another UK No. 1, ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ was second only to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ on the end of year charts in 1992. It also got to No. 3 in Australia.

The music is loosely sampled around a song called ‘Automan’ by Newcleus. Thea Austin’s incredible vocal intro is one of the most recognisable sounds of the 90s I’d say!


3. Mr Vain – Culture Beat (German, 1993)

Despite being the first UK No. 1 to not be released as a 7” single, that didn’t stop Mr. Vain topping the charts there and on the ARIA chart. So would begin the demise of this type of single.


4. What Is Love – Haddaway (German from Trinidad, 1993)

Famously sampled in Eminem‘s song ‘No Love’ in 2010, this song was No. 1 all over the world in ’93 but only made it to No. 12 here – it’s now a cult dance floor favourite!


5. Infinity – Guru Josh (British, 1990)

The saxophone was initially what put record companies off this track when trying to release ‘Infinity’. Guru Josh was quoted as saying:

“We pressed up to 500 copies and 480 people threw it in the bin. Everybody said: ‘You’ve got a saxophone on it, you’re nuts – you can’t do that,’ But (Hacienda DJ) Mike Pickering played it and the rest is history.”

Just as well he kept persevering – it got to No. 4 here and was hit all over the world.


6. 100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters (American, 1994)

Daughter of Jazz musician Junior Waters, Crystal Waters had a hit on her hands with this song, which she also co-wrote. The only track on this list to go to No. 1 on the lucrative US Billboard mainstream chart, it was also No. 2 in Oz.


7. Wanna Be My Lover – La Bouche (German, 1995)

Another German with a No.2 hit here!


8. Sweet Dreams – La Bouche (German, 1994)

I know – La Bouche had to make it on my list twice.


9. The Key, The Secret – Urban Cookie Collective (British, 1993)

An incredibly catchy song, ‘The Key, The Secret’ went to No. 2 in the UK and was also a hit here in Oz. The band had their fair share of controversy when they later covered Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’ without Noel Gallagher’s consent. He was not impressed, and we all know not to upset him!


10. No Limits – 2Unlimited (Dutch, 1993)

Despite apparently having no “street cred” in dance circles at the time, that didn’t stop 2Unlimited and Anita Del having one of the biggest dance hits of the 90s.

No. 1 in the UK and No. 7 here, their UK based record company took out Ray Slijngaard‘s rap replacing it with instrumental dance in the UK version, believing it wasn’t good enough. Ouch!


11. Sing Hallelujah – Dr. Alban (Swedish / Nigerian, 1993)

A perfect fusion of Gospel and dance, this song made it to No. 5 on the ARIA chart.


12. Rhythm of The Night – Corona (Italian, 1993)

Impressively, this song was No. 1 in Italy for 8 weeks!

And there you have it folks – total 90’s classics guaranteed to get you going.