If you like your dance/pop music to be a great sonic experience and not just for the dance floor, then BROODS‘ sophomore album Conscious is the sound to go for. The New Zealand duo of Georgia and Caleb Nott have produced a really sophisticated album, clearly not intimidated by having to follow up their debut, Evergreen.

Having supported Sam Smith and Ellie Goulding on their tours and worked on a remix of Charli XCX‘s song ‘Break The Rules’, they are making friends in high places – and the experience of working with them shows.

Recorded between L.A. and New Zealand, the standout element to this album is the way they very cleverly let the tone of Georgia’s voice become part of the song (which is perfect for electro-pop). She lets the song control her voice I believe, not the other way around, which is a common mistake by a lot of singers.

‘Free’ is a great opener – a heavier sound than their debut, but impressive. ‘If I lose it all, at least I’ll be free’

‘We Had Everything’ has a young, happier vibe and calls to mind ‘California Girls’ by Katy Perry.

Next is ‘Are You Home’, with it’s heartbeat-like drum line. ‘Heartlines’, co-written with fellow New Zealander Lorde, is the highlight and main love song of the album.

Georgia really draws you in with her lower register on the verse of the next track ‘Hold The Line’. In contrast, the next song ‘Freak of Nature’ shows off her higher register.

‘All of Your Glory’ is appropriately named with it’s church like feel. ‘Recovery’ is pure dance from top to bottom with some good lyrics – ‘I know it won’t be easy; they tell me all the time; but nothing would be harder; than knowing you’re not mine.’

The amazing drum work of ‘Couldn’t Believe’ and the choppy beats of ‘Full Blown Love’ are a great addition. They then slow it down for ‘Worth The Fight’ and ‘Bedroom Door’.

The finale is the title track ‘Conscious’ – ‘Wait for the explosion’, Georgia sings – and it was worth the wait. This would not sound out of place on a big-budget movie soundtrack. Considering they wrote it the day before the final cut for the album was due, it is a credit to them. That often happens – one the best songs at the last minute.

A sophisticated album you won’t be disappointed with.