Marvel’s gigantic summer event, Secret Wars is coming to a close, and a whole new Marvel is rising from the ashes!

If you were unaware of what’s been happening in Marvel over the past 3 months, the answer is Secret Wars, which is basically Marvel starting again. In the comics industry this is called a ret-con, where everything that has happened previously is no longer canon*.

If you’re new to comics, this may seem a bit overwhelming, however it is rather simple. It means that everything you read from now on is its own story. What happened in the past is unlikely to affect it, and what happens now is what is important to the story. It’s the perfect time to start reading Marvel comics if you are new to them. All of the series that are starting now will be occurring 8 months after the Secret Wars, so there will be very little spill over from that event, and almost none from what occurred beforehand.

There are 45 new comic titles that are being introduced post-Secret Wars and all of them look amazing, however there are a few standouts that I am personally excited to see.


Aforce is definitely one of them. Originally introduced during the secret wars, it is the first all female avengers team. While it was introduced during the secret wars as a five issue mini-series, is is just as easy to pick it up now (although you would get more out of reading the previous 5 issues!). G Willow Wilson, the writer that brought us XMen volume 4, and the award winning series Ms Marvel, this is definitely a series to put on your watch list!


Talking about Ms. Marvel our favourite young heroine is coming back to our pages! Also written by G Willow Wilson, the previous volume won numerous awards for a good reason, and there is little doubt that this series will be different. Rather than just a typical series about a superhero, Ms Marvel explores life itself, navigating through the hardships, and finding one’s identity and their place in the world. Of course it has superhero elements to it, this is a marvel comic after all, the series is so much more than that, and will continue to do so in its new volume.


A new series that marvel fans everywhere are excited for is International Iron Man, from writer Brian Micheal Bendia and Artis Alex Maleev. This series will follow everyone’s favourite billionaire, playboy and philanthropist Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, as he travels the world, defeating villains such as Doctor Doom, learning more about himself, and, in the words of Bendis being “a superhero James Bond”. So expect a lot of explosions, gun-fights and an overall espionage-thriller aesthetic. Definitely a series to check out if you enjoyed the ironman movies, or you just want to see what all the hype around Iron Man is about.


Another new series that caught my eye is Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Why? One word: Dinosaurs. But really, there are so many other exciting things coming from this comic. It’s a new series with new characters so it’s perfect for new users to jump in, plus it’s family friendly, so no matter your age range, or understanding of comics, you’ll enjoy it!

Those are just a few series that you should check out in the All-New, All Different marvel comics. If you want a more comprehensive list, be sure to go here or here and let us know what comic you’re most looking forward to!

* Glossary:

Canon = what is considered real, and has happened in the story of a comic, or multiple comics

Event = this is a crossover series on a large scale. Usually it affects the majority of comics that are being published at the time of the event.

Mini-Series = a short series with about 2-6 issues.

Ret-con = when a comic company completely changes the canon of a story, be it a single comic series, a character, or an entire universe

Universe = When a comic is set in the same world as another comic, it is in a shared universe. Most marvel comics are within a shared universe, so all of the character exist in tandem with each other, and an action that occurs in one comic can affect another