Happy Easter OuttaGummers! As I love each and every one of you, I thought I would give you an Easter present. Because I can’t track you all down, come into your house and throw chocolate at you while you sleep (like a violent version of the Easter bunny), I decided I would spread joy by giving you the other kind of Easter egg.

In pop culture an Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, picture, joke or interaction that has been hidden somewhere in a film, TV show, game and all other types of media. It can sometimes be left there for years until it is discovered, or most likely in this day and age it is discovered almost immediately by uber fans that then post it on the internet and then everyone finds it!

Anyway here we go, here’s a list of Easter eggs in media. . Arr, be warned, there be spoilers ahead (why did I say this in a pirate voice? Why not?!)

Happy Easter!


The Departed

the departed

The director of the Departed, Martin Scorsese, is considered one of the most influential film makers for a reason. He’s also a noted film historian and loves paying homage to his favourite old movies. One of the best ways he does this is in the Departed. The gritty crime drama (just the way Scorsese likes it) is full of well… death. The best part about it? If you look closely, you can see just who is going to die because they are always marked with an X. Being marked for death with an X is a throwback to the 1932 Howard Hawks’ film, Scarface.


Oh no Matt Damon! You’re going to die.


Poor Leo, destined to die before he gets that Oscar.

Fight Club


Fight Club was one of the first film’s I watched that truly blew my mind hole, and it is absolutely full of hidden features. Despite the fact the film is 16 years old; because I am nice I will once again remind the reader that there are super spoilers here.

Close to the end of the film you find out the big twist, Tyler Durden and the un-named protagonist are in fact disassociated personalities in the same body. There is a way you can tell early on in the film. Before the protagonist meets Tyler, Tyler shows up multiple times in the film; subliminal message style. Tyler makes multiple single frame appearances, in the background, as a waiter and hell, even right in front of your face staring at you.

Other cool Easter eggs in Fight Club are:

– There is a Starbucks cup in every single frame of Fight Club. Not all of them have been found yet but director David Fincher assures us they’re there.

– There is a message from Tyler in the FBI warning at the start of the DVD.

– The protagonist writes a haiku and emails it to people who are working on the film.

Other notable film Easter eggs:
– Almost every part of a Marvel or Pixar film (they could literally have their own lists)
– R2-D2 floating through the debris of the destroyed federation ships in Star Trek (2009)
– The couple having sex on the Marauder’s Map in the credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
– Hitchcock appears early on in most of his films

TV Shows

How I Met Your Mother


While watching How I Met Your Mother, I cried for only one of the story lines and that was when Marshall’s dad died. It seemingly comes out of nowhere at the end of a normal episode but it turns out the shows director scattered clues through the entire episode.

A countdown from 50 to 1 occurs in the background throughout the show on things like magazines and as lotto numbers. When it hits 1, Lily tells Marshall his father had died. Heartbreaking.

The Simpsons


The Simpsons is the classic cartoon that most people in the western world has watched… seriously if you haven’t watched even ONE episode, I find that supremely weird.  It has so many Easter eggs; someone could die from a chocolate coma if they were ACTUAL Easter eggs. It has everything from hidden math equations, homages to musicals and so many cameos; it’s like a rite of passage in Hollywood.

My favourite Easter egg is one that is hidden across many seasons. Sometimes the family are watching a film in the background about a cop named McBain. The cop is obviously a play on Die Hard’s John McClane and Arnold Schwarznegger. The best thing about McBain is that if you put together all of the clips from across the series it makes a structured narrative. Check it out below!

Other notable TV Easter eggs:
– After mentioning Beetlejuice three times during the series of Community,  Beetlejuice walks through the background.
Speaking of Community, in one episode Abed talks about being an extra on Cougar Town and he was!
– An Observer (a weird bald man who is from the future) is in the background of every Fringe episode
– There is a pineapple in every episode of Psych, sometimes obvious or subtle


Halo Series


For people who aren’t fans of Rooster Teeth/Red vs Blue you may want to tune out now, I can go on about them for a while. Red vs Blue is a machinima series using Halo to create one of the most awesome long running shows on the internet. The series has brought so many fans to the Halo games that eventually the creators decided to put little bits of Red vs Blue throughout many of the games.

In Halo 3, you can hear two Marines fighting over a password in the level Crow’s Nest; these two Marines are characters from RvB. Depending on the difficultly level of the game, the characters change. On easy/normal it is Tucker and Doc, on heroic it is Simmons and Grif, and on legendary it is Church and Caboose.


In Spartan Ops, there are radios hidden throughout all the levels. When you shoot them, you can hear the RvB theme, you’ll later hear some of the characters and when you get one you get the Roses vs Violets achievements. Make sure to check out Achievement Hunters guide’s! Here is episode 1.

Dead Space


I’m not someone who likes playing scary games. Zombie games, jump scare games, ghost games. I “nope!” the hell out of there. However, while Dead Space is an amazingly creepy game, its got such a fascinating story that it’s hard not to like it. Also, the line gun is awesome! The main character Isaac is an engineer that is sent with a team to investigate a distress signal from the USG Ishimura. Of course, to make the plot much more interesting, Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole works on the Ishimura.

Throughout the game he regularly runs into her while fighting of Necromorphs (corpses that have mutated and reanimated that kill people to spread the infection. They always seem to be on other sides of windows, bridges etc. never able to touch one another. This is probably because Nicole was dead the whole time. She was just a hallucination caused by the Marker. Surprise! Of course it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found the huge clue the developers left players. If you put the first letter of every chapter title together it spells out ‘Nicole is Dead’


Other notable game Easter eggs:
– The Warden’s secret room in Batman: Arkham Asylum was so hard to find the developers had to reveal it themselves
– There are no Easter eggs at the top of the Gant Bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
– Psycho Mantis can ACTUALLY read your mind in Metal Gear Solid
– If you enter the Konami code after feeding a certain turkey, you can turn the turkey into an Assassin just like you in Assassin’s Creed 3
– In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 if you headshot all the mannequins in the Nuketown map in under two minutes you can play some old school games