FOX has decided to cancel the The Mindy Project after 3 seasons, NOOOOO!


According to Variety, however, Hulu is in serious talks with Universal TV to move the show over to the streaming service for multiple seasons, so we should be happy that a great comedy show written by a fantastically funny female comedian, Mindy Kaling, has the potential for a second wind to flourish!

Sadly however, Hulu is geoblocked in Australia, so we won’t be able to watch it online, because everything is terrible and life is meaningless. So hopefully something works out for us.

The Mindy Project was facing an uncertain future at Fox. It was ordered by the previous Fox regime, it comes from an outside studio, and it has delivered pretty soft ratings by broadcast standards. But it has done very well on DVR, in online viewing, on social media and in pop culture, which would help it make the transition to digital.

Hulu is a logical suitor, as it already owns the streaming rights to all of the show’s episodes.

Renewal or not, Kaling told E! that she is super-proud of the creative team she assembled on the show, saying, “I would love for that to be the legacy, that it was a breeding ground for insane talent and for people to watch it and be like, ‘This was a great love story over the course of how ever many seasons for the first time between two realistic people falling in love, that didn’t shy away from stuff that was real that was a on network…which I don’t know that we’re going to see that many more of those kind of shows on networks.”

We hope this isn’t the end for Mindy!

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