Abbi and Ilana are back, and thank god for that! I was late on the bandwagon for this show, so luckily for me I haven’t been waiting too long for this new season to begin. In any case, the return of Broad City did not disappoint.

Season 2, Episode 1: ‘In Heat’


The premiere episode of season two begins with the pairrunning to a subway station to make their train. They get there in the nick of time, and Ilana insists that they have to go to the back carriage. On their way through the carriages, they come face to face with the terrors of public transport. There is a man hacking away at his toenails (a pleasurable sight that I have seen many times on my morning trip to work), a family of four sharing an enormous sandwich fit for a giant, a bewildered looking boy receiving a haircut, and so on.

My first real cackle of the episode came when an old eccentric looking lady yells out at Abbi ‘Val?? …VAL!?’ and waves excitedly for a good five seconds, Abbi’s ‘oh my god what?’ face is excellent.

New York is experiencing a bit of a heat wave, and we see how it is affecting both ladies. Ilana believes the heat is heightening her ethnic ambiguity, ‘I was cat-called today in what I believe is Creole’, but Abby is unfortunately experiencing what she describes as swamp ass; a term which I will be adopting into my vocabulary immediately.

Abbi has a date with Male Stacey (an excellent cameo by Seth Rogen), which ends rather awkwardly. While they are having sex, Stacey passes out from the heat, and we learn later that Abbi actually went ahead and finished things up anyway. Ilana spends much of the episode poking fun at her and insinuating that she is a sexual predator, which ties in with the ‘rape culture’ rant that Ilana gave to Lincoln and his friends. ‘I’m just going to the little girls room. Oh my god, that is rape culture language right there’ she says with a knowing look.

To prevent any further incidents, Abbi decides she absolutely needs an air conditioner, and they head into her favourite place in the world – Bed Bath & Beyond. It soon becomes apparent that she has secret handshake/dance combinations figured out with several of the employees, which were hilarious. I love that she just constantly lets her dork flag fly. Ilana watches on with a mixture of annoyance and amazement at the sheer level of planning that has clearly gone into these routines.

Somebody steals the brand new AC while they are trying to hail a cab, and after following a dud lead to get somebody’s second hand unit, Ilana decides they should try to steal the one from her old college dorm room. They storm in pretending to be student leaders looking for contraband, but end up just getting high with the guys in the room with some weed that Ilana hid in the wall years ago. Abbi makes out with one of the guys, then to her horror learns that he is actually 16 and not quite a college student yet – ‘Ohhh. I’ve done it again.’

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer certainly haven’t lost their touch, bringing all of the laughs in this first episode. Now I just need the rest asap!

Most disgusting Bevers moment:

Bevers lying on Abby’s bed dripping with sweat, sloppily eating an ice cream while she’s out of the house. When he gets up there is a Bevers shaped stain on her sheets, oh boy.

Favourite bits:

Abbi and Male Stacey confronting one of Bevers’ secret kittens that has wandered into the living room – ‘Were you watching us, perv!?’

Ilana on the merits of overweight men getting in shape – ‘I’m telling you, fat dudes dicks get sucked back inside their bodies. Every 10 pounds a guy loses, he gains a visual inch’

Women actually sweating on television. As a perpetually sweaty person myself, I often feel terribly unrepresented in this regard.

Lincoln’s laugh, forever and always.

Season 2, Episode 2: ‘Mochalatta Chills’


What’s happening in Broad City this week? Well, episode two sees both Abbi and Ilana climbing the corporate ladder at their respective work places.

On his therapist’s advice, Ilana’s boss finally expresses his feelings on her complete lack of work ethic, and says that she needs to have made at least one deal by the end of the day or she’s fired. Her long-suffering desk buddy Nicole is overjoyed. This leads her to hire a diverse bunch of unpaid interns to do the work for her while the boss is out of the office.

Once Ilana realises that securing deals actually makes her money, she pushes her interns to work harder and bring in that cash. Reveling in her new role as capitalist fat cat, she gets herself a pantsuit that she refers to several times as a ‘white power suit’. Abbi gently suggests that perhaps that isn’t the best term for it, especially when she has an ethnic array of unpaid interns doing all of her work.

Abbi explodes at Bevers over his laziness, and tells him to take a good hard look at himself. Now, can we all just take a minute to acknowledge the make-up team on this show? That couch sore on Bevers’ back was the stuff of nightmares, oh boy. Arriving at work with good vibes, Trey decides that Abbi is ready to help him train a client. She is over the moon until she sees who that client is – it’s Bevers. I wonder if we will ever meet his elusive girlfriend? I can’t say I blame her for being constantly anywhere else.

After swallowing her pride and deciding to make the most of the opportunity, Abbi really gets into the swing of things training Bevers, and she ends up pushing him so hard that he falls off the treadmill and knocks himself out. Trey then revokes her assistant trainer role, so it’s back to cleaning Soulstice sweat and pubes for Abbi.

Even though I love the crazy hijinks that the two of them get up to, it’s so nice to have a scene where they are just sitting together being Abbi and Ilana. After all, their friendship is essentially the heart of the show so it’s awesome to have a quiet moment with them, especially when they are just casually chatting about the act of pooping whilst giving birth.

Bevers just being Bevers:

Bevers – ‘This is the only gym my friend Abbi works at, plus they have free razors’

Abbi – ‘…You have a beard’

Bevers – *sly smile*

Favourite bits:

Abbi, upon realising she has the apartment to herself, performs a naked and enthusiastic rendition of Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. Simply magnificent.

‘Do you ever get hair from your head stuck in your buttcrack in the shower?’ Um, yes.

Nicole’s sad, dead eyes every time she is in the shot.

‘My biggest weakness is that I lose my purse a lot, but then my biggest strength is that I always get it back’

Season 2, Episode 3: ‘Wisdom Teeth’


You guys, this episode was ridiculous, and I mean that in the best possible way. This one is about Abbi having her wisdom teeth taken out, and Ilana becoming her caretaker while she recovers. So as you can imagine, things go a little off the rails.

Lincoln has been entrusted with the task of removing Abbi’s wisdom teeth, and Ilana, aka ‘Mummy Lani’, has brought a little blue toy named Bingo Bronson for her to hug during the ordeal. Once Abbi has been put under, Ilana starts freaking out. This is her best friend/love of her life/soul mate having surgery, after all! We also get a little snapshot of what is happening inside Abbi’s head, which involves lots of psychedelic colours and some down and dirty dance moves.

Ilana has good intentions, but she manages to mess up within 5 minutes of getting Abbi home, as she and her nurse partner Jaimé unknowingly give her a double dose of vicodin. Yes Lincoln, you should have known better. Jaimé is sent to a frozen yoghurt store on a very important mission, he needs to find the perfect “Abbi” flavour. He ends up trapped in fro-yo hell though, as there are so many flavours, a ladder is provided to reach the top shelf. Let’s not even get started on the toppings section!

After deciding that ‘Uncle Sam pills’ have failed to make Abbi feel better, Ilana whips up a special concoction of weed, milk and a bunch of other stuff and gets her to drink it down. She also gives Abbi a Baby Jane/weird clown makeover before sneaking off to sext with Lincoln. Bingo Bronson chooses this moment to come to life and encourage Abbi to come outside and play. They go on an adventure around the city while Ilana frantically searches for her. She wreaks absolute havoc in a whole foods shop, kicking over boxes and spilling nuts everywhere. They fill up their shopping trolley with basically the whole store, and on Bingo Bronson’s advice, Abbi uses her new credit card to buy over $1000 worth of groceries. Bingo Bronson is the kind of big blue friend your parents never wanted you to hang out with.

Ilana can’t even call Abbi, since she revoked her phone privileges earlier when she found her leaving a 23 minute voicemail for Jeremy stating how much she likes and wants to date him. Luckily, the bank calls her phone to verify the huge purchase she just made, so Ilana then knows exactly where she is. Bingo Bronson retreats when Ilana ‘The Weed Witch’ rushes in, and Abbi throws a jar of honey at a woman’s leg. All’s well that ends well. Except I’m pretty sure Jaimé is still in that yoghurt store.

Naughtiest Bingo Bronson moment:

‘Ooh earth friendly cereals! Knock them over Abby, they want to be on the ground!’

Favourite bits:

Ilana as the nude model in Abbi’s life drawing class. So many varied positions!

‘Bye Abbi! I’ll see you when you wake up, and if you don’t wake up I’ll still see you in heaven because I’m going to kill myself or whatever!’

Abbi’s Drew Barrymoore impression.

Jaimé baby proofing the apartment with maxi pads.

‘I never knew that old people face would make me hard. That’s nice to know!’