The Offer


In this episode, Ra’s Al Ghul tries to convince Oliver Queen that it is in his best interests to become his successor. As he refuses, dire consequences occur for the Arrow. Elsewhere, Captain Lance gives up on acting as an ally to the Arrow after details of Sara’s death were brought to the forefront.

This episode was great for allowing Stephen Amell to finally use his acting skills, as we see him debate the shades of grey with joining the League of Assassins. You see him debating whether or not he did any real good for his City. Ra’s’ words start to show some actual resonance as many of his loved ones are dead and drifting away as a result of his crusade. You really feel for Oliver as he deals with the knowledge knowing he betrayed Captain Lance’s trust.

The flashbacks were rather underwhelming. The Hong Kong storyline had so little progression this episode that it became unsatisfying. The unexplained appearance of a Shado lookalike only increased this.

Paul Blackthorne, as Lance, dealt with the fallout of losing Sara all over again and the consequences stemming from that. It was a worthy stand-out performance from him. Eventually Lance will find it in himself to forgive the people who’ve lied to him. He won’t lose his relationship with his only daughter now. It was satisfying seeing Laurel get a well-deserved cold shoulder for all the lying. Blackthorne did a fine job of showing Lance’s inner chaos. In general, the highlight of “The Offer” was really defined by the character’s emotion over the superhero action provided by Murmur’s gang.

It will be interesting in seeing Nyssa’s new direction in the show as she takes Laurel under her wing to possibly train her to be a better hero.

Score: 9/10

Suicidal Tendencies


This episode features two storylines dealing with the Suicide Squad as well as Team Arrow. Diggle and Lyla officially remarry, but are sent for a mission to rescue a Senator from a kidnapping. The kidnapping turns out be fake, to help his bid for President. The team rescues the hostages, but Floyd Lawton/Deadshot sacrifices himself. Elsewhere, warrant for the arrest of the Arrow goes out, with pseudo-Iron Man Ray Palmer actively seeking to capture him. It was then found that Ra’s Al Ghul was messing with Oliver and framing him so his city turns on him and pushes him to be the new Ra’s Al Ghul.

Floyd Lawton’s arc was an interesting one to follow in this episode. We see him portrayed in a rather humanizing fashion, as the flashbacks paint him as a family man turned PTSD-affected soldier who goes on to become the famed supervillain we know him for. It made his sacrifice all the more significant as he saved Diggle and Lyla this episode.

The episode provided some neat action scenes, whether it was from the Suicide Squad or from Oliver taking on the A.T.O.M. aka pseudo-Iron Man. It was cool to see the life or death action play out as the Squad try to save the day. I liked how they all played off each other as a real unit; it really increases the audience’s sympathy as Deadshot had his send-off. It’s always great seeing Hero vs Hero fights in Arrow. The fight between Arrow and Palmer was a highlight, especially in how it ends, leading to Palmer slowly aligning himself with Team Arrow and their principles.

The cliffhanger was truly something to watch out for, as Maseo and the rest of the League continue to frame Oliver by killing the mayor and maybe taking a shot at Felicity(?)

Overall, even though it was great seeing this all play out, the split story focus was a real task to handle and I hope that all of what happened will have a much larger purpose and give things a sense of direction much needed.

Score: 7/10