In honour of this week’s release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, cast members from the film joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to perform a wonderful acappella tribute of the John William’s classic score.

Half the appeal is in how much fun everyone is obviously having, sporting the most infectious of grins (or fiercest snarls, if you’re as committed as Gwendoline Christie). But the impressive layered backup from The Roots is what really sets the scene.

Along with the droids, Chewie, and Admiral Ackbar, the cast serves up rousing performances, chiming in at moments that are likely somewhat telling of the characters they play in The Force Awakens.

For example: Daisy Ridley, who plays Rebel pilot Rey, pops in at the very beginning for the swelling main title, and is quickly joined by probable Rebel allies John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. Adam Driver, who plays villain Kylo Ren, enters strongly during the Imperial March alongside Christie, who plays the ominously named Captain Phasma.

Lupita N’yongo (Maz Kanata) and Carrie Fisher (General Organa), who gets beamed in like a boss, join in in the second half before a conclusion of epic proportion.

But perhaps the best part was Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford, and turning up whenever the hell he feels like it.

And staying true to the mystery they’ve created around Luke Skywalker’s return, there is STILL no sign of Mark Hamill!

It’s been fun to watch The Force Awakens cast through this promotional tour, who actually all seem to like each other and have a genuine appreciation of the franchise. It’s a far cry from the prequel trilogy whose cast was constantly apologising for the films and promising the next would be better.

Thank you Jimmy Fallon for this little slice of acapella magic.

Make sure you watch it more than once so you can catch every shared Brady Brunch glance.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theatres now!

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